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National Job Fairs - Networking Events List

Below, what you’ll find is the most comprehensive list of job fairs and networking on the internet. Feel free o browse around date, location or industry.

If you know of any additional job fairs or networking events, please add them to the list. All content is use-generated and We’re all there to help each other.

273 Job Fairs Across the Country on JobConcierge.com

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0 the Country
Date Type Title City State
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Cassandra January 19, 2010

As are the 2010 California job fairs list

Nicole Liu January 07, 2010

boston career fair list is great.

Mayobre January 06, 2010

I would like to start trading in foreign exchange, and I am looking for tips on how to get started with forex trading?

Maria Gracia January 04, 2010

The executive job fairs list is of great help guys thanks a ton.

Viri Angie January 04, 2010

Is there a way I can subscribe so that I can receive the list of northeast career fairs for 2010?

LuzHelena January 04, 2010

When are the next set of career fairs happening in Florida?

Marc Llewellyn January 04, 2010

Good work on the California Job fair.

Diago December 07, 2009

Just attended the california career expo.

Giza December 04, 2009

Good list of local technology job fairs

Riya Sweans December 01, 2009

EXCELLENT list of nyc networking events and job fairs! You guys are the best!

Andy November 30, 2009

Is there an executive job database that's posted online at Jobconcierge?

Roy Lemet November 28, 2009

Have attended 2 job fairs and 1 networking event this month in NYC. Would not have known about them if it were not for you guys. Many thanks.

Stu November 25, 2009

I found some job fairs close to where I live! I have forwarded the link to my friends, and will surely be back for updates.

Thankful passerby November 24, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the job fair database updated. I would not have known about the career expo in dallas this month if it wasn't for this section.

Author November 21, 2009

very comprehensive job fair list thank you!!

Brian Dieter November 16, 2009

I missed the orange county career fair. Does anyone know when the next one is?

Joey Oleman November 14, 2009

Diana, check out http://www.jobconcierge.com/job-fairs/GA-Georgia-job-fairs

Diana Jaffe November 11, 2009

does anyone have any information on atlanta job fairs in 2010?

Cathy Zhang November 07, 2009

There are a lot of job fair advice pages. Check out Employment Guide, JobWeb and JobConcierge has their own job fair advice list

Mac Simpson November 07, 2009

Job fair advice anyone? What do I need to bring to a job fair? What do I need to say at job fairs? Help!

Ann Jacob November 05, 2009

Very comprehensive list of job fairs. Recommend this to every jobseeker.

Oli Harris November 05, 2009

Thanks for the job fair info! This is really helpful. Take care :)

Xander November 03, 2009

It's a pretty good list of career fairs in general, but you should probably look around to be sure

Jim Bui October 31, 2009

Does anyone know if this list is totally comprehensive? Should I look in other places for California career fairs or is this enough to know everything that's going on?

Elana Lawrence October 11, 2009

wow! I never knew there were so many career fairs in houston! Great job fair list!

Comments of JobConCierge's Best Jobs Fairs List:

Diago: December 07, 2009
"Just attended the California career expo."

Diago: December 07, 2009
"Just attended the California career expo."

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