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Did you know... if you're only using Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs in your online job search, you could be missing more than half of the jobs out there for you? At JobConcierge a real career expert searches through over 300 job boards to find you exactly the right job and submit your applications. Widen your job search and increase your chance of finding the right job in less time today with a free set of job matches.

No job search is complete without having the help of a recruiter or headhunter. This is especially the case for 100K+ jobs and executive level jobs where the companies often have an executive recruiter help screen candidates.

At JobConcierge.com, we’ve gone through LinkedIn and our own personal contacts to produce one of the most reliable and comprehensive FREE recruiter and headhunters list. In the list, you’ll find executive recruiters, retained search firms, executive search firms and headhunters. All contacts are organized by Location and Industry.

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If you are a recruiter and would like to be included in the directory, email recruiters@jobconcierge.com with the following: Company name
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1,700 Executive Recruiters across the Country on JobConcierge.com
All Industries Executive Recruiters802Aerospace Executive Recruiters139
Advertising Executive Recruiters56Automotive Executive Recruiters126
Banking and Finance Executive Recruiters590Biotechnology Executive Recruiters456
Brokerage Executive Recruiters1Commercial Development Executive Recruiters68
Construction Executive Recruiters182Consulting Executive Recruiters166
Consumer Executive Recruiters453Consumer Electronics Executive Recruiters231
E-commerce Executive Recruiters125Education Executive Recruiters78
Energy/Utilites Executive Recruiters181Engineering Executive Recruiters156
Enterprise Software Executive Recruiters196Entertainment Executive Recruiters161
Financial Services Executive Recruiters152Food Executive Recruiters8
Food Service Executive Recruiters44Government Executive Recruiters127
Healthcare Executive Recruiters697Home Land Security Executive Recruiters23
Hospitality Executive Recruiters136Human Resources Executive Recruiters197
Industrial Executive Recruiters495Insurance Executive Recruiters191
Legal Services Executive Recruiters108Manufacturing Executive Recruiters529
Media Executive Recruiters185Military Executive Recruiters72
Non-Profit Executive Recruiters176Production Executive Recruiters319
Professional Services Executive Recruiters249Real Estate Executive Recruiters102
Recruitment Executive Recruiters3Retail Executive Recruiters313
Retirement Communities Executive Recruiters77Security Executive Recruiters25
Services Executive Recruiters281Social Networks Executive Recruiters42
Software Executive Recruiters254Staffing Executive Recruiters3
Technology Executive Recruiters607Telecommunications Executive Recruiters284
Trading Executive Recruiters76Transportation Executive Recruiters201
Travel Executive Recruiters35Wireless Executive Recruiters84

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Comments of JobConCierge's Best Executive Recruiters List:

Former Ford Employee January 19, 2010

why doesn't this site come up on the top page for automotive headhunters? i've just wasted half an hour going through 10 other sites when this was all i needed

Stu January 16, 2010

Believe the marketing recruiters are being grouped together with the advertising ones. I agree with you. They should be in a list by themselves.

Julie January 08, 2010

I don't see a list for marketers...would that be in with advertising (though not quite the same thing) or professional services? It would be great if it were it's own list.

Bily Tsevdos January 05, 2010

Do you have a list for construction headhunters for expats?

Sarah Logan January 05, 2010

Good work on the hospitality headhunters database.

Joseph Vall January 05, 2010

Really happy and surprised to find the list for trading headhunters.

Malay December 30, 2009

best recruiters and headhunters list,.that too accessible for free...amazing!!

Barry December 30, 2009

I have been wanting to have a list of top Insurance executives for a long time, good to find it here.

Greer Glasper December 30, 2009

Do we have a list of government recruiters?

Karan December 21, 2009

Does anyone know where to find executive jobs in transportation?

Julian December 19, 2009

Excellent financial services headhunters list

TrendyHomes December 15, 2009


Allison Mcdonough December 15, 2009

First time I've seen a whole section for ecommerce executive jobs.

Margo Matthews December 15, 2009

I rarely leave comments on any job bulletin board. Came here looking for energy and utility headhunters and have spent half an hour taking notes. You guys are a godsend. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this website.

Brian Holfman December 15, 2009

Peter is right. This is a damn good automotive recruiters list.

Amy December 13, 2009

Nimrod - look in the Technology Executive Recruiters http://www.jobconcierge.com/best-executive-recruiters/Technology-executive-recruiters

Niron Stabinsky December 13, 2009

how to find technology headhunters ?

Nelson December 13, 2009

Does anyone know the best headhunter company for food service/hospitality?

Peter Babej December 12, 2009

This is quite a good list of automotive headhunters. The question now is, how do i contact over 100 headhunters when i'm used to only using two? :)

Anonymous Engineer December 11, 2009

What criteria and metrics were used in creating the engineering recruiter index

Pablo December 11, 2009

Wow - probably the only place i need to look for a consumer electronics headhunter ...

Somilia December 10, 2009

Hi there. I'm came across the website while searching on google for financial services headhunters. I saw there were 150 Financial Services Executive Recruiters. Which ones do you recommend that I start to contact? How much is the jobconcierge service?

Tanya December 09, 2009

Excellent list of government recruiters.

Rodriguez December 09, 2009

Found my way here while searching online for the top wireless recruiter directory. I am satisfied with the information and recruiter contacts.

Milo Coelho December 08, 2009

JobConcierge, I am not based in the US but abroad. I am looking for international health care executives headhunters and although your service is based in the US many of the headhunters were able to point me to the right direction. Thank you for your great job service to those in need.

Keith Magnus December 08, 2009

I was looking for construction headhunters in california and I found it. Thx.

Sandra K December 08, 2009

There's even aerospace recruitiers! Thank you so much!

Jenny Choo December 04, 2009

Thank you for sharing the executive recruiter contacts

Sabrina December 04, 2009

Hi there. Is there anyway I can sort by industry AND state? I'm looking for construction recruiters in arizona.

Hui Li December 04, 2009

I had trouble finding the information online. This is a very good source of executive recruiters in transportation.

Evan Gildea December 03, 2009

Hey guys, do you have any contacts for international recruiters for engineering jobs? Great executive recruiter contact list!

Amanda Porat December 03, 2009

Thank you SOOOO much for the information on construction recruiters in colorado. I've been looking all over the place and asking around for contact details, and this just makes my life so much easier.

Anonymous December 03, 2009

Excellent list of energy head hunters and recruiters. Have just signed up for the trial. Hope the results are as good as the information on the website. I haven't had any luck at all this past half year.

Rodd Subranam December 02, 2009

Is there any information on georgia food service headhunters? I'm an executive in the industry and have not been able to find jobs in the locality these days. Any information would be helpful.

Mindy Hough December 02, 2009

very helpful list indeed! Thank you so much.

Kenneth Lim December 02, 2009

Thanks for the recruiter information

Rama Sanchez December 02, 2009

Thanks for the executive recruiters. Appreciate it.

Allison December 02, 2009

Coming from someone in the industry, this is a very very comprehensive list of consumer advertising recruiters

Henry Chen December 02, 2009

Wow, this is a great free list of executive recruiters. Will be really helpful in my executive search. Thanks for posting this up and sharing your contacts. - Henry
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